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2021 Industrial Security Benchmark Study

Security leaders and practitioners weigh in on what's in store for 2021

To better understand the top concerns, priorities, and budget expectations of the defense industrial base going into 2021, ThreatSwitch surveyed some of the most active and knowledgeable industrial security executives, leaders, and practitioners how they expect the landscape to change in 2021.   From COVID to CMMC, our benchmark report includes the top threats, compliance priorities, and budget allocations for 2021. Download the report to learn more.

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Personnel Management

Transform chaos into order. Manage and export your personnel's accesses, eligibilities, investigations, training progress and more.

Insider Threat and Travel Reporting

Employees can self-report and our technology automatically tracks user activity to provide security managers with the insights to properly identify risks .

eSignature and Custom Digital Forms

Security managers can create forms, dictate required fields, and request completion from employees without externally transferring sensitive data.

Visitor Access Request Management

Create and track Visitor Access Requests (VARs) by name, Social Security number, date, point of contact, as well as the origin and destination.

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