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ThreatSwitch Leadership


John Dillard

John Dillard

Founder & CEO

John started his career at the CIA and has spent the remainder in defense, intelligence, forensic accounting, and technology. At ThreatSwitch's CEO, he is focused on helping senior security and compliance executives manage security risk, contain cost, and adapt to the rapidly changing security and regulatory landscape.

John Brooke

John Brooke


John is a dynamic sales leader and expert in helping enterprises adopt SaaS compliance solutions. John has led sales teams responsible for market-leading SaaS governance, risk, compliance and ethics software, primarily to General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers. When he's not working on security compliance, you might catch John training for an unreasonably difficult race.


Kaitlin Fadule


As the head of marketing at ThreatSwitch, Kaitlin is focused on delivering compliance program solutions to security executives and FSO's. She loves a good email campaign and is most in her element when on the exhibit hall floor of a large conference


Jon Staples


Jon is the engineering lead at ThreatSwitch where he oversees software development and data security. Jon is a startup veteran with over 20 years programming experience. He has as a deep knowledge of every level of the software development lifecycle and specializes in building secure cloud-native systems.

Solow Headshot

Danny Solow


Danny works with customers to make sure that our product delivers real, measurable value while remaining incredibly easy to use. He has a proven track record in planning, building and launching successful high profile software solutions.