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The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

 The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is changing how federal contractors approach cybersecurity.  At ThreatSwitch, we have interviewed experts and compiled resources to help you navigate what's next.

From webinars to self-assessments to demos, keep reading to find a range of resources to help you navigate the CMMC landscape.


Our webinar with Angela Dingle and Diane Griffin covered changes to DFARS, the implications for industrial security, and how to prepare for the coming changes. Angela and Diane provided a refresher on DFARS before covering some of the key changes introduced by CMMC and the CMMC model structure, maturity progress progression, and practice progression. They also covered what this means to the DIB and the impact on industrial security, before providing key steps for how to prepare for the implementation of CMMC. View the webinar replay.

How to Keep Up With the CMMC Rollout

As the rollout of CMMC came ever closer, we spoke to Thad Wellin, lead cybersecurity analyst for SecureStrux, about how to stay ahead and avoid getting crushed.

Covering the timeline for the rollout, current knowledge of CMMC Version 1.0, and the next step for companies to take, Thad set out a path to take to ensure preparedness. He provided a more in-depth look at what was coming, including a clear timeline across 2020 and tasks for companies to get started with to meet requirements.  View the webinar replay.

CMMC Simplified

Sign up for a demo of ThreatSwitch to see how we help enterprises simplify the process of preparing for and executing your CMMC plan.

See how ThreatSwitch:

  • Automates repetitive processes
  • Stores critical policy information
  • Makes life easy for all parts of your security team


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CMMC for Security Professionals and FSOs

Thales Defense Director of Security, Curtis Chappell, spoke to us about how security professionals and FSOs can approach the CMMC. Curtis took us through some of the things that the CMMC encompasses and the steps that security professionals need to take to meet their obligations. He spoke about NIST methodology, personnel security, physical protection, and security assessment. Curtis also took us through best practices and self-assessment, from multi-factor authentication and alerts for suspicious activity to prepping for C3PAO assessment. View the webinar replay.

Using ThreatSwitch for CMMC

Danny Solow, Head of Product at ThreatSwitch, and John Brooke, our Director of National Accounts, gave a webinar on how to use ThreatSwitch to prepare for CMMC. View this webinar to understand how ThreatSwitch can support your CMMC readiness approach and how we can help solve compliance problems. You'll learn how ThreatSwitch reduces cost and risk for your company while dealing with compliance and security incidents. ThreatSwitch can help with personnel security, awareness and training, asset management and media protection, and security assessment and risk management to help you prepare for CMMC. View the webinar replay.

CMMC Self-Assessment Survey

Are you ready for CMMC? If you're not sure, we've made it easy to check by designing a self-assessment survey that's easy to use. Find out your level of CMMC readiness with our quick assessment, which only takes about ten minutes to complete. We'll create a customized report for your company that details how prepared you are for CMMC and which steps you should take next to put your company in a better position.  ThreatSwitch can help you ensure you're ready for CMMC, making it easy to stay up to date.