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ThreatSwitch For


Managing your clearance information and tasks has never been easier.

Have a clearance?

Simple Transparency

We believe security software should be easy. No matter what, all your employees must complete routine security tasks; ThreatSwitch makes it far easier for them to do it. Because everyone in the company uses ThreatSwitch, it’s designed to eliminate the learning curve so that people can get their tasks done efficiently without sifting through around endless emails, screens, and forms.


Available Anywhere

ThreatSwitch is always where you are. Teams can securely access ThreatSwitch through any Internet connection, knowing that their data is safe and secured.

Easy Collaboration

Employees can collaborate with the security team directly in ThreatSwitch, not via unsecured emails. The security team or other working groups can discuss threats and risks right inside the product, enhancing the record and increasing visibility.