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ThreatSwitch For

Security Executives

You've got the vision. We've got the tools to execute it.

Executives Need To Know

Measurable Return on Investment

ThreatSwitch's value isn't just for the FSOs; it's for the entire company.

By streamlining and automating highly manual reporting and training processes, ThreatSwitch saves time and money across the board. On average, customers see

  • 50.7% reduction in training labor
  • 66.2% reduction in reporting labor
  • $1k/year cost reduction per employee

Risk Reduction

Security programs are about protecting your people, assets, customers, and country. We reduce risk by
  • increasing employee participation
  • improving data consistency
  • automating risk scoring of employees

Powerful Analytics

Enterprise executives and decisionmakers need to allocate thousands of people across programs, rapidly identify compliance gaps, and visualize security risks.
ThreatSwitch’s powerful analytics feature generates highly flexible reports to easily identify trends within your data and assist in informing critical decisions.

Higher Proposal Win Rate

The 4th Pillar is here.
All federal contracts will require companies to demonstrate security on equal footing with pricing, technical, and past performance criteria. Our customers make ThreatSwitch the centerpiece of their security response in proposals.