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Reduce compliance cost and risk for your clients

ThreatSwitch's platform makes life easier for your clients that deal with rules like 32 CFR 117 (NISPOM), CMMC, NIST, and other complex security and cybersecurity obligations. 


Land new clients. Expand current relationships.

  1. Increase the scope of your offerings
  2. Turbocharge your services value
  3. Deliver integrations and visibility
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Enable transformation in new and existing customers, and expand your services into new markets. Show your clients that you deliver modern, cloud-based enterprise software for their most challenging security and compliance problems. 

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Achieve complete visibility into every aspect of your clients' security compliance program, allowing you to see risks early and identify opportunities for new products and services. 

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Assessors & 3PAOs

Provide a toolkit to your clients that allows them to track and manage evidence across multiple compliance frameworks, and assists them in managing their program between audits and reviews.

Drive bottom line benefits for your practice

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Win new work

Differentiate your practice by aligning with the most modern, flexible security compliance product on the market with killer quals from some of the largest and most prestigious enterprise brands in the world. 

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Grow where you are

Most professional services growth comes from current clients. ThreatSwitch provides a clear new offering for your practice, as well as a need for integration and change management services for your existing relationships.

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Deliver ROI

ThreatSwitch is built on the promise of ROI for customers, giving you the proof you need to demonstrate results. Don't just say you're making a difference in security compliance; use ThreatSwitch to show it.

Enterprise use cases for diverse security compliance needs

National Security (32 CFR 117, NISPOM, and IC)

From insider threat reporting to visit requests to personnel records to self-inspection, ThreatSwitch helps your clients manage every aspect of their program and gives you the customized access to advise and execute frequent tasks.

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Whether you're helping a client prepare to make the transition to CMMC or you're conducting an audit, ThreatSwitch makes it easy for clients to describe every control and provide evidence for each. More importantly, it gives them the tools to maintain their CMMC level throughout the year.

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ThreatSwitch can handle any security compliance framework, no matter how obscure. The most common elements of every program -- people, training, forms, assets, systems, workflows, and analysis -- are all available to your customers for their diverse needs.

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Here's what our partners say

"We manage security programs for both large and small companies and our ThreatSwitch Partnership has resulted in new business and significant expansions with existing clients."

Adam Mitchell
CEO at Global Solutions, Inc.

"Our team is unanimous in their praise for ThreatSwitch's intuitive user interface, reporting capabilities and its Insider Threat functionality. ThreatSwitch is a solution we see enabling us to continue providing highly personalized service while delivering efficiencies to our clients and their staff."

Craig Marino
Chief Operating Officer, Squadron Defense Group, Inc.

“As we provide managed security & IT support to small – mid-size companies, I’ve rarely seen a tool as sophisticated and promising as Threat Switch. That’s why I invested the time in becoming a partner of the technology, and why I’m putting my considerable reputation behind this product.”

Diane Griffin
Founder and CEO, Security First & Associates, LLC

If you're ready to grow with ThreatSwitch, contact us to learn more.