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Workflow Automation

Design your process and then let the computers do the work.


Spreadsheets and clunky databases bringing you down?

Too many organizations rely on manual labor to complete standardized tasks. ThreatSwitch replaces clunky databases and email with automated processes to save employees, security, IT, and executives time.

Map Your Process

Define your process in ThreatSwitch to fit your needs for any regulatory requirements.

Collect Data Fast

Use field-level validation and legally binding digital forms to capture the information you need from employees.

Realize ROI

Email notifications and data directly connected to your personnel security information makes everything easy.

Own your process

Workflows that work for you

Map out and execute your processes in ThreatSwitch with a straightforward workflow builder that automatically handles the details like email notifications, form-building, and more.

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Flexible Forms

Create forms with field-level field validation to ensure that you're capturing all the information you need as part of your workflows. Leverage legally-binding digital signatures for use cases such as NDAs, clearance justifications, and more.

Built-In Security

Are employees sending unencrypted personally identifiable information such as their SSN over email? As a SOC2 compliant and multi-factor authenticated software, ThreatSwitch provides employees a secure way to send required information to security teams.