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As an executive or security professional responsible for a highly regulated program, you can’t afford lapses. They put your federal contracts, your people, and national security at risk. ThreatSwitch protects against serious security risks, containing compliance expenses and costly administrative burden that distracts teams from their mission.

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"ThreatSwitch dramatically transformed the efficiency of our compliance program by enhancing collaboration within our team and shaving time off of every Belcan employee’s daily security tasks.”
ThreatSwitch + Belcan

Chuck Helton Belcan Government Services FSO

Safer, Easier Security Solutions


Personnel Management

Transform chaos into order. Manage and export your personnel's accesses, eligibilities, investigations, training progress and more.

Insider Threat and Travel Reporting

Employees can self-report and our technology automatically tracks user activity to provide security managers with the insights to properly identify risks .

eSignature and Custom Digital Forms

Security managers can create forms, dictate required fields, and request completion from employees without externally transferring sensitive data.

Visitor Access Request Management

Create and track Visitor Access Requests (VARs) by name, Social Security number, date, point of contact, as well as the origin and destination.

A team of Lean Six Sigma black belts found that ThreatSwitch significantly cuts the time required to complete crucial security actions.


reduction in training labor


reduction in reporting labor


reduction in personnel action labor

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