Organized and secure

See where everything is, understand what everyone’s working on, and know exactly where to put the next thing everyone needs to know about.

Communication and Collaboration

Cross-departmental transparency, all in one place.


For every covered employee, a profile “self completes” as your team completes actions like training, forms, assets, workflows, reportable information and incidents, travel, etc. 


Create purpose-built workflows for your organization, without requiring any technical expertise. Manage and facilitate organizational processes through tickets and affiliated tasks all inside a single platform.

Custom Roles

Grant appropriate accesses and permissions to enhance collaboration, while maintaining an approach of least privilege.


Running a complex multi-facility organization? ThreatSwitch's facility-based security permissions make enterprise implementations a breeze.

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Cross-departmental transparency, all in one place
Custom processes


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Streamlined communication with internal and external teams
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A centralized location to track project data, tasks, and updates
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Documentation of approvals, quicker turnaround, better tracking 
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Easy to access from anywhere on the web
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Enjoy less confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines
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Avoid redundant meetings (no need to constantly ask for progress updates)
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Why Customers
Rely On Us

“We manage security programs for both large and small companies and our ThreatSwitch Partnership has resulted in new business and significant expansions with existing clients.”
Adam Mitchell
CEO at Global Solutions, Inc.
“Our team is unanimous in their praise for ThreatSwitch's intuitive user interface, reporting capabilities and its Insider Threat functionality. ThreatSwitch is a solution we see enabling us to continue providing highly personalized service while delivering efficiencies to our clients and their staff.”
Craig Marino
Chief Operating Officer, Squadron Defense Group, Inc.
“As we provide managed security & IT support to small – mid-size companies, I’ve rarely seen a tool as sophisticated and promising as Threat Switch. That’s why I invested the time in becoming a partner of the technology, and why I’m putting my considerable reputation behind this product.”
Diane Griffin
Founder and CEO, Security First & Associates, LLC