Work smarter,
not harder

Define your own processes, create tickets, work together to get tasks done, and visualize progress.

Workflows & Automation

Efficient, visibile, and reliable.


Consolidate the facilitation and management of workflows, roles, and processes within a single platform (build it your way).

Foreign Travel

An intuitive foreign travel wizard reduces errors and time by walking the user through the necessary steps (while automating reminders for debriefs).

Forms & Signatures

This is an example from the thousands used today.


Extract and visualize your data through detailed reporting, scheduled reports/dashboards, and data vizualization capabilities.


ThreatSwitch integrates with 1000+ SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs, and more without writing any code.

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Gain quick visibility & manage tickets via a kanban or list view
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Powerful mechanisms to mitigate manual follow-up & get work done faster
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Collaborate throughout the entire workflow in a single platform
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See exactly what needs to be done and when
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Increase productivity, efficiency, transparency and communication
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Less meeting, less emails, less miscommunication
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Why Customers
Rely On Us

“We manage security programs for both large and small companies and our ThreatSwitch Partnership has resulted in new business and significant expansions with existing clients.”
Adam Mitchell
CEO at Global Solutions, Inc.
“Our team is unanimous in their praise for ThreatSwitch's intuitive user interface, reporting capabilities and its Insider Threat functionality. ThreatSwitch is a solution we see enabling us to continue providing highly personalized service while delivering efficiencies to our clients and their staff.”
Craig Marino
Chief Operating Officer, Squadron Defense Group, Inc.
“As we provide managed security & IT support to small – mid-size companies, I’ve rarely seen a tool as sophisticated and promising as Threat Switch. That’s why I invested the time in becoming a partner of the technology, and why I’m putting my considerable reputation behind this product.”
Diane Griffin
Founder and CEO, Security First & Associates, LLC