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An ongoing challenge for organizations with multiple security managers running their industrial security program is keeping each person informed with their latest tasks and accountable items. ThreatSwitch now helps organize these tasks better by giving you the ability to assign items to individual security managers. Items that can be assigned include reportable information, foreign travel, and outgoing visit requests.


Lift tasks from your knees, not your back.

Beyond assignments, ThreatSwitch now also supports the ability to upload a profile picture. While it may be tempting to upload a picture of Chris Hemsworth, including authentic personnel pictures in ThreatSwitch has real security value by clearly identifying users with their real-life image.

A few other items:

  • Forms can be reassigned if incorrectly filled
  • Inbox messages now appear to employees for overdue post-travel reports
  • A host of other little fixes and improvements to make ThreatSwitch a friendlier place

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