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John Dillard

John is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch, and has worn many hats including CIA Analyst, Navy Officer, and Facility Security Officer. He is an author and speaker on security subjects nationwide.
Compliance Concerns for 2019LI

Top 5 Compliance Challenges for Federal Contractors in 2019

It’s a tough time to be a compliance executive at a federal contractor. Whether you’re a Chief...


Cleaner Look, Stronger Security

We've implemented a couple of design changes to make ThreatSwitch easier-than-ever to use....


Contracts + People = Happier Management

Managing contracts based on your personnel is an integral component of your NISPOM compliance....


Only see what you need with filtered views

Suffering from information overload? We've introduced smart filtering in our table views to...


DISS Goes Live THIS WEEK (June 7)

Big news from NCMS . . . user provisioning for DISS will begin this week with users who are KMPs...


Badge Documents, Better Downloads, Improved Reporting

Another busy week from down here in the ThreatSwitch boiler room: We've added several new...


Introducing Badges

As it turns out, we do need badges.  Fortunately, we're here to help:  The latest version of...


New features for Accesses, User Profiles, Visit Requests, and whole lot of bug fixes!

Another day, another update!  The development team has been hard at work to deliver a fresh...


A VAR-y Awesome Update to ThreatSwitch

You asked, we delivered. You can now track Visitor Access Requests (VARs) in ThreatSwitch. In...


Attach Documents to Contracts! Mark Users as Inactive!

We've heard your requests for more flexibility around contract documents, managing users who are...

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