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Another busy week from down here in the ThreatSwitch boiler room: We've added several new features, streamlined old ones, and addressed a few tricky bugs.


  • Badges now have their own supporting documents, which can be accessed via the Badge Details view
  • Uploaded documents can now be accessed with a single click
  • It's now possible to give users a 'Hire Date'!  This field can be found under the user's personal details, or in the 'Create new user' view.
  • Asset reports now includes more useful fields
  • Added 'Status' column to 'Badges' view
  • Improved filter options in 'Users' and 'Assign Training' views
  • Improved the look and feel of external documents
  • Fixed issues with certain required fields not actually being required (oops!)
  • Fixed issue with sorting by users active status
  • Fixed a problem with inactive users erroneously displayed as active

Topics: ThreatSwitch New Release, User News

John Dillard

Written by John Dillard

John is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch, and has worn many hats including CIA Analyst, Navy Officer, and Facility Security Officer. He is an author and speaker on security subjects nationwide.