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We've implemented a couple of design changes to make ThreatSwitch easier-than-ever to use. You'll notice that a slew of small changes that should add up to make navigating in ThreatSwitch a more enjoyable experience.

We've also upgraded our password requirements to meet the latest NIST guidelines. 


In this release, you'll find
  • Removed the sometimes confusing CAGE code field from reports
  • New password restrictions and new user password configuration flows
  • Redesigned page headers and rearranged button locations
  • Condensed tables which allow you to view more information on a single screen
  • Relocated logout button and my profile button to left side navigation menu
  • A bunch of other little fixes that add up to a more pleasant experience for you

Topics: ThreatSwitch New Release, User News

John Dillard

Written by John Dillard

John is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch, and has worn many hats including CIA Analyst, Navy Officer, and Facility Security Officer. He is an author and speaker on security subjects nationwide.