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ThreatSwitch Bug BombWe just deployed a HUGE set of tweaks, fixes and improvements just in time for Halloweeen!

Check out the details below. 



Fixes to Login, Security, and User Authentication

  • "Authorized users only" error no longer appears when opening the login page
  • No longer possible to set the DOB date in the future
  • Fixed an intermittent "authorized users" error
  • All fields are no longer mandatory when creating a new user manually
  • Fixed an intermittent error with mandatory Role field
  • Irish style names (O'Neal) are now maintaining capital letters between details and list view under people
  • List no longer fails to load if employee with special characters in POB field is to be displayed
  • Fixed an intermittent error when attempting to delete a user
  • Creating or editing a new employee's DOB no longer sets the date to the day before the one set
  • People - Polygraph - Date fields are not marked as mandatory but need to be filled to create a polygraph
  • Allow a user to update their own password

Fixes to Reportable Information and Information Submission

  • Report Type is no longer lowercase
  • Passport details pop-up can now be closed by clicking outside of it or on the X
  • FOCI Logging date of communication  can no longer be set in the future
  • Reportable Information - Foreign Contact - It is possible to set the First Contact date in the "future"
    Reportable Information - Missing "Why should I report Foreign Travel?" information section
  • The correct number of facilities now appear in the CAGE code dropdown list
  • First Contact date displays correctly
  • Fixes to intermittent employee view issues
  • Fixed redundant space in report description
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with polygraph details.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Employees and Comments
  • Fixed an intermittent issue withediting and commenting a report 
  • Attempting to delete a record no longer results in error messages
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the activity feed showing a user "created unidentified" in addition to a proper message

Fixes to Documents

  • Cancelling a document edit will no longer cause a "We are Sorry" message 
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with an error pop-up and the list of documents 
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with successfully uploaded documents disappearing 
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with employee documents appearing in the general files area
  • Cancelling a document edit will no long redirect the FSO to upload a new file page
  • CAGE code for an uploaded document now correctly saves
  • Creating a document with an URL no longer shows an error pop-up

Fixes to Training Assignment and Completion

  • Improved the copy for training assignment
  • Status filter boxes no longer missing when assigning a training
  • Training Status of an Individual Employee now appears throughout the app
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with adding a user 'updated unidentified' in Notifications
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with editing assigned training's due date
  • Trainings are now sortable by Completion Rate
  • It is now possible to cancel a Completed training
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with reminders
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Training statuses
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with sorting by any other column than Name 
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Training radial on individual training screen
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Training radial on dashboard

Other Fixes

  • The State drop down list no longer overlaps the selected/searched field
  • =Repeatedly clicking Save Changes when creating a facility no longer creates duplicate entries
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with only the first 10 facilities appear in the drop down lists and on the Contracts list
  • Eligibility - 'Granted At' field is now correctly labeled 'Granted On'
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Editing company information displaying an "unidentified" in Latest Activity Feed
  • It is no longer possible to create an empty facility
  • Contract Name and Number are no longer marked as mandatory fields
  • Attempting to delete a Facility will no longer result in an error
  • Creating and editing a report no longer shows an created/updated unidentified in the Latest Activity Feed
  • Sorting/Filtering - Overdue status is no longer treated as Incomplete
  • E-mail images display correctly
  • Changing the name in detail view now correctly reflects the display name in the list view.
  • Records can now be sorted by Accesses 

John Dillard

John is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch, and has worn many hats including CIA Analyst, Navy Officer, and Facility Security Officer. He is an author and speaker on security subjects nationwide.

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