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As it turns out, we do need badges.  Fortunately, we're here to help:  The latest version of ThreatSwitch includes Badge Management (as well as a whole lot of enhancements and bug fixes)!


Badge Management:

  • Users can be given multiple badges, which track a variety of data including the issuing agency, expiration date, and associated contract
  • All badges for a specific user appear under his or her profile page (right next to Reports)
  • Similar to our other data tables, users can generate a .CSV report by clicking the 'Create Report' link at the top of the page

Document Control is now Asset Control:

  • Document Control is now much more useful!  In fact, it can now handle things other than documents.  So, we had to call it 'Asset Control' instead.
  • We've added new fields to track the asset type, location, and CAGE code
  • Assets now feature supporting documents.  The paperwork that's normally associated with tracking classified assets can now be managed from within ThreatSwitch.

Other Fixes:

  • Added new filtering options to the 'Assign Training' page
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to appear as 'Inactive' when they were, in fact, active
  • Added new fields to the Visit Requests CSV report
  • Searching by first name and last name now works as expected in the Training screen
  • Fixed sorting issues on several screens
  • Fixed an issue involving assigning trainings to multiple users
  • ... And much, much more

John Dillard

John is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch, and has worn many hats including CIA Analyst, Navy Officer, and Facility Security Officer. He is an author and speaker on security subjects nationwide.

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