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When our team thinks about the goals of ThreatSwitch, it is to make the tough job of a security manager a little bit easier. That goal starts even before a security manager logs in, when the question arises "What do I need to get done today?" In order to help answer that question, we're releasing the first version of the ThreatSwitch Inbox.


Sadly, it doesn't say "You've got mail" 

The Inbox does not contain email, nor does it allow users to compose messages (yet). The Inbox is a prioritized list of key items that need to be tackled. Right now, we are showing security managers, administrators, and assistant security managers unread reports that need attention.  From there, we take you right where you need to go to finish the task - in this case that's the reportable information screen.

We're excited for this release today. Looking ahead, we have plans to expand this functionality and integrate it with all parts of the application, including providing employee role users with their own feed. What does that mean for you? Ultimately, easier navigation, smarter notifications, and shorter time to complete tasks.

We've been hard at work at a host of other improvements, including: 

  • Added a My Training option for admins and security managers to complete training
  • Added a few key Granted By agencies for investigations
  • Fixed a few fickle sorting and filtering problems
  • And a bunch of other little fixes that add up to a more pleasant experience for you

Lastly, here's a quick peek at the Inbox.


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