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How ThreatSwitch Workflows Save Sanity by Eliminating Countless Hours of Work For Your Entire Security Team

August 8, 2022 at 4:28 PM

Defense Contractors: How SEAD 3 puts you in the reporting business

This blog has been edited to reflect the recent Industrial Security Letter released by DCSA, 9/21.

What I learned about insider threat from Sue Steinke, Mike Oehler, and Wai Woolsey

Every month ThreatSwitch hosts a webinar on a topic of interest to the security and compliance...

What I learned about insider threat from Doug Thomas of Lockheed Martin

Every month ThreatSwitch hosts a webinar on a topic of interest to the security and compliance...


Enterprise Security is Different.

In my career, I have had the privilege of working for and with some of the world's biggest...


How ThreatSwitch might have stopped Iran spy, Monica Elfriede Witt

I was saddened to read about yet another case of an employee at a defense contractor spying for a...

Compliance Concerns for 2019LI

Top 5 Compliance Challenges for Federal Contractors in 2019

It’s a tough time to be a compliance executive at a federal contractor. Whether you’re a Chief...

DSS In Transition: What it Means for You


The Defense Security Service (DSS) is planning a completely new way of thinking about...

01/26/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release

What's New

  • Added an Insider Threat Program Plan (ITTP) template located under the profile menu
  • ...

ThreatSwitch Founder and CEO John Dillard on Launching a Cybersecurity Startup

John Dillard and ThreatSwitch were featured in a recent interview by StartCharlotte:

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