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Webinar: Industrial Security Trends for 2021



Please join us for  an enlightening webinar on the top Industrial Security Trends for 2021 featuring Heather Sims industry spokesperson for the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC).

During this presentation, Heather provides updates on: 

  • Recent policy changes for NISPOM and SEAD
  • Top NISPPAC Industry Priorities
  • Personnel Security Reform & Trusted Workforce 2.0
  • Supply Chain Risk Management / Delivering Uncompromised
  • COVID & Operating Remotely

In addition, we also unveil the top threats, regulatory priorities, and budget trends revealed by ThreatSwitch’s 2021 Industrial Security Survey.  The data collected from the survey is being compiled into a benchmark report and will be available very soon; webinar viewers will be among the first to receive a copy.

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