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Managing Insider Threat Programs Remotely with ThreatSwitch

Join ThreatSwitchers Danny Solow and Scott Shepherd for a demonstration of how secure cloud software helps enterprises address challenges presented in our series on insider threat. This webinar will show how to put our guest speakers' themes into action. You’ll learn how ThreatSwitch:

  • Reduces risk with an employee-centric, whole-person approach
  • Delivers visibility on actionable data through integrations
  • Reduces cost by automating mandatory tasks for your sales, delivery, & core employees
  • Streamlines your security team's operation, giving them more time for critical security functions

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ThreatSwitch is cash in your company's pocket.

Continuous improvement experts show that ThreatSwitch security software saves you time. And employees' time. Most importantly, it reduces risk.

Maybe you've used another security product, and you're wondering what all the hubbub is about. Hop on a quick call with one of our experts and let us show you how we make your life easier, save the company money, and reduce security risk. 

  • Lower costs.
  • Reduce security & compliance risk.
  • Keep your sanity.

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Built for the Enterprise

The world's top consulting firm, the world's top information management company, and the world's top chipmaker all use ThreatSwitch to save time, money, and reduce risk.

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