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Security Compliance In Fewer Steps With Less Wasted Time

Make compliance easier by radically simplifying and automating high-volume, data-intensive, and administration tasks.

Designed for Enterprise

ThreatSwitch makes it easier to comply with strict security regulations by radically simplifying and automating high volume, data-intensive, and administrative tasks.


Customize Workflows

Drive efficiency throughout your organization with a system tailored to your specific needs.


Centralize Data

Save time by consolidating your record-keeping, workflow management, and risk mitigation in one place.


Discover Smart Solutions

Real-time analytics arm your security compliance team with the data they need to make smarter decisions.

Our customers get results

Reduction in training labor costs
Reduction in reporting labor costs
Reduction in workflow processing costs

Intelligent Compliance Reduces Risk


Automate Your Process

Increase organizational efficiency by using automatic workflows that save time – from the top down.

Create your own processes from scratch to perfectly meet your organization's needs.

Create white-labeled forms to be signed by employees with legally binding digital signatures.


Get rid of spreadsheets. Track training directly from ThreatSwitch or connect into your learning management system to keep everything in one place.

Insider Threat

Employees can easily and securely submit insider threat information to security. ThreatSwitch comes ready with all standard insider threat report types.

Foreign Travel

ThreatSwitch takes employees through foreign travel reporting, briefs, and debriefs with automatic reminders and email notifications.

Visit Requests

Eliminate back-and-forth over visit requests with an employee-friendly workflow featuring approval steps and email notifications.

Make Better Decisions

Data-driven insights give compliance teams real-time analytics.

Configurable Reports

Configure any chart or table that you need, then save it as a report for later. Data is at your fingertips.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatically send reports to anyone so that the right people are always in the know.

Triggered Alerts

Create conditional alerts to ping your team if certain thresholds are hit.

Beautiful Dashboards

Create charts that can be pulled out into PDFs, spreadsheets, or anything else you can dream up.

Mitigate Risk

Rapidly Identify Threats

Analytics identify potential risk areas before they become a problem.


Integrated personnel security makes it easy to identify insider threats before they become a problem. Evaluate the whole person.

Threat Scoring

Automatically identify behaviors that could become a problem. Use scheduled reports to increase visibility within your insider threat teams.

Eliminate Emails

Connect people with the right information rapidly with dedicated employee profiles and custom roles.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles for stakeholders like HR, IT, or Insider Threat Teams to give them the information they need.

Employee Access

Give employees direct access to their security profile so they can see clearances, trainings, contracts, badges, and more - all in one spot.

Improve Security Transparency

Your Path to Security Compliance & Savings

Being compliant while saving time and cost is all about efficiency. Getting your plan and seeing results is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Get a Free Demo


2. Get your customized security and compliance solution


3. Get results: greater efficiency and massive cost savings

You’re dealing with too many unnecessary steps, fragmented technology, and tons of emails. So many emails. You’re seeing firsthand how rework, errors, and wasted time are killing efficiency, costing you more than you can imagine, and putting security at risk.

You know something needs to change because the path you’re on isn’t sustainable, but you don’t know where to begin.

You’re not alone. At ThreatSwitch, we understand that you want to run a streamlined, efficient, safety-compliant, and highly-profitable operation. To get there, you need a solution that’s different than anything you’ve ever tried before.

We exist to make compliance easier by radically simplifying and automating high volume, data-intensive, and administrative tasks. The result for our customers is lower cost of compliance, reduced security and compliance risk, and better decision-making through data.

Ready for your customized security compliance solution?