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ThreatSwitch brings all of your security compliance data into one highly secure platform, eliminating stovepipes, spreadsheets, and system-switching.

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Running a program doesn't just require the security team; it requires participation from every single employee. ThreatSwitch makes it easy for them to do what must be done.

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Powerful reporting and analytics leverage data from across the enterprise to deliver real-time insight so that you can discover gaps in security and compliance.

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Easy to use

ThreatSwitch is designed to get you up and running the same day you sign up, and our team make deployment to tens of thousands of employees a breeze.

Enterprise security

Our secure cloud architecture, world-class data encryption, and strict privacy controls are backed by the strictest 3rd party audits.

Pays for Itself

The best part: ThreatSwitch pays for itself. We deliver proven reductions in security staff, employee, and executive time that deliver hard ROI for every customer.

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See for yourself why security and compliance managers trust ThreatSwitch for everything they need to stay compliant with regulations like NISPOM, IC, DFARS, CUI, Title 5, NIST standards, or any other regulation that requires documentation, training, reporting, and control monitoring. 

ThreatSwitch is transforming the way security and compliance teams work on security. From simplified data entry to automated training and employee reportable information, we have completely redesigned the way software can work for highly regulated companies.

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