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Digital Forms

Collect information and signatures from employees


Improve process success rates

Routine tasks such as completing an NDA get bogged down by email, human error, and lack of tracking. With field-level validation and legally binding digital signatures, ThreatSwitch's Digital Forms help you get the right information the first time.

Create Your Form

Don't reinvent the wheel - build forms rapidly based on your existing PDF or Word files.

Align With Customers

Forms are identical to what customers require, so automating your existing processes is quick and easy.

Realize ROI

Start saving time. Email reminders, status tracking, and completion notifications centralize your processes.

Natively whitelabeled

Your design, your way

Digitally convert your or customer PDF forms to automatically capture the right information for your team.


Field-Level Validation

Federal customers require specific data-formatting. With ThreatSwitch, use a variety of field-level validation rules to eliminate errors and unnecessary back-and-forth with employees.

Built-In Security

Are employees sending unencrypted personally identifiable information such as their SSN over email? As a SOC2 compliant and multi-factor authenticated software, ThreatSwitch provides employees a secure way to send required information to security teams.