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When employee users log into ThreatSwitch it is critical that they are able to quickly identify action items such as incomplete trainings and form requests. With the new Employee Inbox, users automatically see their most pressing tasks, in a simple inbox-style to-do list.


Few things bring joy like checking things off a list

Administrators and security manager level users can also take advantage of powerful new batching features for contracts. In the new personnel tab for contracts, security managers can rapidly assign and unassign multiple users to contracts.

Last but not least, contracts and facility lists are now exportable with all metadata to CSV. 

A few other items:

  • Properly removed deleted items from asset control
  • Fixed a problem with editing VARs
  • Dates now correctly assign to trainings
  • Made the "add certificate" button clearer to users
  • A host of other little fixes and improvements to make ThreatSwitch friendlier

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